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The ‘Cerdo Ibérico’ or Ibérico Pig is a unique specie from the Iberian Peninsula that can only be found in Portugal and Spain, whose characteristics and carefulness of its rearing and breeding make it a world class delicacy for the most exquisites palates.
Their main characteristic is the dark colour of their skin and hooves. They have a long muzzle, thin and elongated ears that make them be recognised as the ‘Pata Negra’.
The Iberico Pig meat is extremely rich thanks to the fat inside the muscles, which makes the Ham elegant, aromatic and very tasty in mouth.
La Dehesa

Growing Habitat

‘La Dehesa’ is a natural land along some areas of the Iberian Peninsula which create an astonishing ecosystem with pasture lands full of Mediterranean woodlands, sprinkled with oak and cork trees.
Each Iberico pig grows for approximately 2 years completely free in the Dehesa where enjoys around 3 hectares for its own. On these dehesas the pigs live free-range and are reared by means of an extensive system in which many of them as from October can take advantage of the period of the montanera or feeding on acorns.


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